Important Message from Rabbi Perton & the Board of Directors

Important Message from Rabbi Perton & the Board of Directors

Dear Parents,

As we begin the Yamim Noraim (the High Holidays) this weekend, we want to remind everyone of their responsibility to maintain a safe school and community.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. If you have any guests from outside of Canada, they need to quarantine according to the federal government’s Quarantine Act regulations (and our school’s policy to include essential workers in the “Act”). In addition, please inform the office when your guests arrive. Failure to responsibly follow the Quarantine Act will result in the entire family not being allowed to attend school for the full quarantine period.
  2. We strongly discourage hosting guests in your home or Sukka this year (even if maintaining physical distance). If you want to meet with another family, please consider doing so in spaces where you can safely socially distance, such as a park or other public outdoor locations. 
  3. When attending services, please make sure to do so in a responsible manner. Mask wearing, physical distancing, and after services socializing should all be done according to best safety practices. Obviously if you are not feeling well, you should not attend services. Each Shul has the ability to arrange for Shofar blowing for people not attending services. 
  4. Please make sure that your children also maintain proper Covid-19 safety procedures. This includes wearing masks, maintaining proper distances and not playing in friends’ homes. 

As a school community, Baruch Hashem, we have so far been successful in keeping Covid-19 out of our building. By working together we can continue to have a safe school and community. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions. 

May this new year be a Shanas Bracha, Hatzlacha and Brius - a year of Blessing, Success and Good Health. 

With blessings for Shana Tova,

Rabbi Boruch Perton - Head of School                                                 Debbie Scharf - Chair Board of Directors