Photo of Rabbi Boruch Perton

Rabbi Boruch Perton

Head of School

Rabbi Perton received Semicha from three different institutions: Rabbi Mordechai Friedlander of the Badatz of Yerushalayim, Rabbi Yitzchak Kulitz Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim and Yadin Yadin Semicha allowing him to sit on a Beit Din from Rabbi Efraim Greenblatt, author of Responsa Rivivos Efraim. Rabbi Perton also has a Ph.D. in Talmudic Law from Ner Yisroel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland. He has studied in Rabbinical Seminaries both in America and in Israel, where he resided for six years. He also attended the State University of New York where he was inducted into the Phi Sigma Omicron Honor Society in recognition of his academic success.

Rabbi Perton served as the Head of School of Hillel Academy of Ottawa from 2003-2006 (375 student elementary school, during the era of Rabbi Yehuda Simes and Rabbi Dovid Burger), and then as Head of School for Hebrew Academy of Montreal from 2006-2014 (650 student elementary and high school). Since 2014, Rabbi Perton has been the Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Zion of Montreal, a large Orthodox synagogue with over 500 families that grew by 20% under his leadership.