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Torah Day School of Ottawa accepts all Jewish children who want a Torah education, regardless of their ability to pay full or even significant tuition. We believe in our school and want to make sure that as many students can benefit from a TDSO education as possible.

In order to be able to continue to do this, we need your help.

A way to support Torah Day School of Ottawa is through The Chai Club.

The Chai Club is comprised of individuals committed to the financial stability of our school.

Chai - 18, is an important Jewish number. It represents life. Torah is life. Supporting Torah Day School is about instilling Torah values, literally - “life” - to our children.

Now let’s do the math. Ten people giving $18 per month (about 59 cents daily) is $180 per month. Over twelve months, $2160. If each of those ten ask their parents, grandparents and friends to join the Chai Club, the school could continue giving $100,000 or more in financial assistance.

We Need Your Support

Please join our Chai Club.

For your convenience, you can choose monthly credit card billing. Simply fill out the attached form.

If you believe in Jewish education, please join the Chai Club today and encourage others to join as well.